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NYC Chocolate Show

The weekend when the Chocolate Show comes to New York is certainly a good weekend.  This is our second trip to the Chocolate Show, and although many vendors and many aspects of the convention are similar, there were certainly some standout things that were Veritasty.

Favorite Guys Ever - Brigadeiro Palace
2012 is the year of the brigadeiro!  The New York Times had an article about it back in February and talked about them again as a grown-up Halloween candy.  But, what is a brigadeiro?  A brigadeiro is a Brazilian candy that's kind of a cross between a bonbon and a truffle and a lump of fudge.  A brigadeiro also happens to be happiness in a bite.  The guys at Brigadeiro Palace have a wide assortment of flavors, including pistachio, passionfruit, and something they call The Matrix (a mix of chocolate, butterscotch, coconut, graham crackers, walnuts, and vanilla, among other things, all packed into a tiny ball).  Unlike regular chocolate truffles, though, brigadeiros also make use o…

New York Food Film Fest - I ♥ Japan

What if movie theaters offered more than just popcorn and nachos?  I mean, those are pretty good snacks, all things considered, but...what if you could also have beer and wine brought to your seats during your movie?  What if you were served fried chicken and ramen during intermission?
The New York Food Film Festival makes that a reality.  What sets this film festival apart from others is that it features short independent films that are food-centric.  Then, you get to eat what you see on screen, literally.  This festival is a great vehicle for filmmakers, a venue to preview their films and get credit where credit is due; I know that sounds cliche, but I was intrigued by many films I saw and I will definitely be looking into these filmmakers' other works.
The event that we attended was called I ♥ Japan.  Proceeds from the tickets went towards New York City Food Bank and the Japan Tsunami Relief Fund.  As the title of the event suggests, we saw some cool films about Japanese food a…

New York City Wine & Food Festival - Uncorked

Say what, a New York City festival all about wine and food?  Sign us up!

Last night, we went to the Cooking Channel Uncorked event, part of New York City's Wine & Food Festival, in the Meatpacking District.  The premise was that a few boutique shops and restaurants in the neighborhood provided food and wine to visiting patrons, whose tickets contributed to raising money for Food Bank for New York City and No Kid Hungry.  The event took place like a scavenger hunt: the few streets around Chelsea Market/the High Line were host to food trucks and stations serving up little bites and little sips.  Unfortunately, it was COLD but big props to NYC WFF for their intricate hosting and organizational duties.
Our first little nibble was from Gaslight Pizzeria.  They doled out a veal/pork meatball in a garlicky tomato sauce and a little shot of chopped tomato mozzarella salad.  The meatball was moist and salty, and though the tomato salad that accompanied was not so flavorful, the mozzare…