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On Cruise Food

So here we are, a while later and a couple of shades tanner.  I would have said I'm a few pounds heavier, too, but weirdly I lost a pound even after gorging on food during our vacation - a cruise on the Norwegian Gem down to Florida and the Bahamas.  It was fun and relaxing and, most importantly, going back to work on Monday made me wish I had missed the ship at one of the ports of call and "accidentally" gotten stuck there forever.

Cruise food is notorious for a few things.  First, it is very easy to overindulge because most cruise lines have 24-hour restaurants or buffets or snack bars.  Second, it is very easy to overindulge on mediocre food 24 hours a day.  Third, I dunno if it's any correlation, but both my parents came back from our last cruise with alarming notices of essentially pre-diabetes blood sugar levels from the doctor.

I really enjoyed the food on my first cruise.  This time, overall, I thought the food on this cruise was pretty good.  I'm not as…