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Ample Hills Creamery

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ample Hills Creamery!
New York City and I are in love with Ample Hills Creamery.  Never before have I seen such creative, unique, and delicious flavors of ice cream as I have at this cozy ice cream parlor in Prospect Heights.  I have not, like the guys over at Serious Eats: NY, tried every single flavor.  Actually, this is a Sisyphus-ian task because Ample Hills continually invents new flavor combinations based on both seasonal ingredients and on - get this - pop culture and current events.  Anyway, I am wholeheartedly a fan of Ample Hills and I am very excited to check out their new Gowanus location in the spring!  Doubly exciting, they released the Ample Hills Creamery cookbook yesterday!
You can get your standard ice cream flavors at Ample Hills, like chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, and mint chocolate chip.  Then, there's your best-selling Salted Crack Caramel: salted butter caramel ice cream base with chunks of "crack"…