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This weekend was a very successful celebration of hard ciders and grilled eats at Ciderfeast.  The event, hosted by Food Karma Projects, The Good Beer Seal, and Beer Sessions Radio, took place in a nondescript lot right on the East River, with beautiful views of Brooklyn across the river and of Manhattan buildings towering behind us.  We arrived just as people were setting up, and slowly the air begin to smell of delicious roasting meats and we heard strumming of guitars accompanied by lovely voices.  I was reminded of Austin, Texas (from where I had just returned the day before) with their world-famous barbecue and music scene.  We were super excited to try some food and drink!

We saw some familiar faces at the Copenhagen Street Dog team, serving the same fantastic hot dogs as we had at their launch party last week.  Ciderfeast was a much less crowded and more intimate event, so we got the chance to chat with some of the Revolving Dansk team (hello Martin and Sera!) about their wond…

Copenhagen Street Dog Launch Party

When I think of summer, I think of BBQ. When I think of BBQ, I think of hamburgers and hot dogs. As a Jewish kid growing up in suburbia - we stuck with the classic - Hebrew National Hot Dogs. However, pretty soon, I grew tired of the same - albeit - delicious taste. As an NYU student and son of Brooklynites, we'd go down to Nathans for "the" hot dog. However, that too grew old. I needed flavor.
About 5 years ago, we took a family trip to Iceland which I discovered was known for a few things: expensive food, beautiful landscapes, and hot dogs. This trip opened my mind to what a hot dog could taste like and when we left, I craved that flavor. Last year - I found it again. Almost a year ago, we attended Pig Island where we first tasted Revolving Dansk's Street Dog. It had everything a good hot dog should have - snap (of the pickles), crackle (of the onions), and pop (of the hot dog casing). A few weeks ago, we heard about the Launch Party and knew we needed to get our …

Postview: Edible Manhattan's Good Beer

If someone asked me to describe Edible Manhattan's Good Beer event in a sentence it would be as follows: delicious bites, refreshing beer, and sweltering heat. This past week, we ventured into Hell's Kitchen (that's a shot for any Daredevil fans) where we arrived at Hudson Mercantile - a completely nondescript seven floor building at 36th St and 10th Ave.

Upon arrival through a side door, we were handed (1) a plastic cup and (2) a metal fork - our weapons in this battle to come. Good Beer had three floors - ground level, the 6th floor, and the roof and our first destination was the 6th floor via the elevator. When the doors opened, we were greeted to fantastic smells, a large loft space, and about 30 vendors.
Our first stop was Untamed Sandwiches - The Butt - a combination of pork butt over a swath of Dijon mustard nestled between hunks of sour-dough type bread. While it was a very heavy first morsel, the bread certainly helped in soaking up the booze to come. Our next tw…