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Edible Manhattan's Good Spirits

Good Spirits has certainly left us in good spirits!  We just went to the Edible Manhattan food event at La.venue (a really cool space, adjoining The Tunnel where we had beer, bourbon, and barbecue last month) and I came home with my purse stuffed full of: 2 loaves of bread (each the size of my head), 1 can of pear hard cider, 1 glass chalice, 1 can of beer, 2 bottles of San Pellegrino, and the latest edition of Edible Manhattan!  #swag

Let's rewind:
Unfortunately, busy day jobs (one of us is a tax accountant) kept us from arriving promptly, and by the time we got there a few stations were *gasp* out of food.  We made a beeline for Manhattan Cricket Club's table, which was making a riff on a Tom Collins called "Tommyrotter Collins" made with - guess what - Tommyrotter gin, lemon, agave, seltzer, and mace blade (whut???).  It was super refreshing and citrusy and not too strongly alcoholic, but I regretted not putting at least a little bit of food in my tummy first, whe…