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So many delicious-sounding places in the Upper West Side, so little time!
On this 70-degree Christmas Eve, we explored the UWS to get some fresh air, exercise, and warmth before any potential winter weather in our future.  After a bit of Yelping, we found Bustan, a Mediterranean restaurant with some awesome signature dishes.  Bustan was a great find, and we left so full we were bustan a gut!  (Forgive me, everything I could think of to write about this restaurant is a pun)

We got a few dippables and a lamb entree to share.  Though our waiter was the most nonchalant person I'd ever encountered, I appreciated his honesty when he told us 5 dips would be too much for two people to eat.  We narrowed it down to: tzatziki, taromasalata, and spicy feta (nixed the hummus and roasted eggplant).  The schmears came on a three-welled plate, each a huge mound from an ice cream scooper.  The true highlight of the appetizer, however, was the bread that accompanied: the executive chef himself ref…

Eurotrip 2015

Veritasty is back from hiatus!

We've had undoubtedly a busy couple of months, which started shortly after our last post from Pig Island...
:cue flashback montage:

We went on a cruise to Bermuda with my family (surprisingly good food!), traveled to Europe with our good friends, and Alex went to London and Florida for work.  Sadly, the two of us have barely had a nice stretch of time together to explore and eat around New York, nor have we had the chance to give our little blog any love lately, but hopefully we'll get a little more time now that it's close to the holidays and a little more chill at both our jobs.
In the meantime, we did have an incredible trip to Europe and ate some deliciously memorable meals, so let me tell you about them!
Alex and I went to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam with my best friend Jackie and our good friend Harry.  I couldn't have picked better travel buddies, and our whole trip was nothing short of amazing.  I also learned that we have to…