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Umami Burger

On its own, few things are as recognizable as the Umami Burger.  I've seen my fair share of Umami Burger posts on Instagram, and you just know from that "U" seared into the bun (side note: do you think they use the font Impact?).  I've also added to that trove of Instagram pictures, obviously.  This is mine:

Veritasty finally got a chance to visit the New York Umami Burger after hearing much hype.  I had to wait for my dining companion/co-blogger for some time, so I sat at the bar and solo-drank.  Although my loneliness was killing me, it was assuaged by the Left Hand Milk Stout on tap.  I had first fell in love with Left Hand Milk Stout at Dinosaur BBQ and was thrilled to see it at Umami Burger (side side note: I was so thrilled to see my friends bring Left Hand Milk Stout for a recent Friendsgiving that I was literally jumping up and down and hugging friends, not the beer).  I specially requested a half-pint, since I would have been wasted with a full pi…