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Locanda Verde

In New York City, you often hear the names of hip and popular restaurants being thrown around.  One of these hallowed eateries that I've oft heard but never tried is Locanda Verde.  It has been featured on plenty of Food Network shows and highly rated on Yelp and Eater NY and all that jazz.  It had been on my NYC foodie bucket list for a while, and we finally had the opportunity to dine there!  

Dinner at Locanda Verde was a highly cherished occasion for me.  Apparently, reservations at Locanda Verde are also highly cherished, since it was packed on a weeknight and it took a lot of sweet-talking to get us in. We had dinner with Alex's gregarious and wonderful cousin Sam and Sam's beautiful and talented girlfriend, Jenn - both of whom are very dear to me.  It was one of those meals you hope would never end: romantic, delicious, and shared with good company.

Locanda Verde rocks a very sexy vibe, if that makes sense.  It's dark inside, everything glowing orange from tea …

Shake Shack

Look!  Thirty-two Shake Shack burgers!  These were so kindly delivered to my office today.  Unfortunately, I was running into a meeting just as these I had one about an hour later.  Still an incredible burger, my first Shake Shack burger.  There were two really juicy patties that were cooked to medium-rare-ish.  The cheese was liquified and oozing out all over, as you can see in the picture.  There were also mushroom burgers in the assortment, but I was so full after just one.  Mmm.  Shake Shack, you have truly lived up to the hype!