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El Pollo III

What's the one thing you crave after a somewhat intense and pretty exhausting workout?
Popeyes!  Because there is one right across the street from my gym.
What's the second thing, possibly healthier version, that we crave after a somewhat intense and pretty exhausting workout?
El Pollo III!
El Pollo III (no word on what happened to I and II) is a Peruvian restaurant right at the hub of 18th Avenue and 86th Street.  Plenty of shoppers abound and the neighborhood population has somehow skyrocketed, judging by the waves of people that get off the D train there.  We've walked by it lots of times, but only recently popped in...and then ordered delivery...and then popped in some more because it is really really good.

Peruvians or people who have travelled to Peru can probably inform me on what proper Peruvian cuisine entails, but I love the simplicity of the pollo at El Pollo III.  We usually get something like a baked chicken and/or chicken stew.  The baked skin-on chicken is …

Pig Island 2014

Let's raise a toast to Pig Island 2014 and to Veritasty's 3rd birthday!
Thank you to Food Karma and Jimmy Carbone for hosting us and hundreds of other pork enthusiasts!  I'm still in a semi-food coma after last week's brilliant Pig Island at Erie Basin Park in Red Hook.  It was extraordinarily hot and humid yesterday, and my skin is almost as blistered as some of those pigs that were served, but it was worth it!
This was the second year that Pig Island was at Erie Basin Park right next to the Brooklyn IKEA, so perhaps we'll work on rebranding it Pig Park.

We were greeted by dessert first: Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies.  These cute mini-pies were served in daan taat tins on colorful trays.  The creamy lime custard sat on top of a crumbly graham cracker crust that was just the right texture and consistency to scoop up with the little folding spoons they gave us.  It was the perfect bookend to my lunch at Pig Island, since I had another on my way out.  Our nex…