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At long last, we meet you Marta!

Marta is an Italian restaurant in the lobby of the Martha Washington hotel in Gramercy/Flatiron.  It opened a little over half a year ago, and it was nearly impossible to get a reservation.  Marta was the talk of the town.  I read a review in Time Out New York that brought tears to my eyes and saliva to my mouth; I want to know what pizza crust shattering like fine blown glass tasted like!!  I follow them on Instagram and all their photos are mouth-wateringly enticing.  We tried getting a table on a walk-in once in January and were told it would be a three hour wait.  Was the hype worth it?  Turns out...YES!

Reservations are a little easier to come by now.  We popped in for lunch today and were greeted with a sexy/dark/minimalist aesthetic and massive cherry tree branches in vases sprouting to the ceiling.  The wait between ordering and pizza reception was a little longer than I anticipated for such thin crust pizzas, and I was almost hangry with eage…