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Tasting Brooklyn

I am very proud of the fact that Brooklyn is the next happening place in New York City.  This means that I can go outside and find plenty of fun things in walking distance that people come here from much farther to experience.  Brooklyn's popularity was evident at the recent Tasting Brooklyn food event by Social Fix.

Have you ever been to Gowanus?  It's a neighborhood in north-west Brooklyn, known for its namesake canal and highway and general sketchiness...until now.  Last year, we gathered the courage to actually walk around Gowanus and found a gentrifying, culturally rich, beautiful, walkable area.  Dinosaur BBQ has an outpost there, and Ample Hills Creamery is opening a huge storefront there in a month or so.  There is a strange, intriguing building right off the Union Street Bridge over the Gowanus Canal called, simply, the Green Building.  The brick facade is painted a very peaceful grass green. Besides just being a colorful backdrop for photo shoots (yup, we've done …