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From Prague, we caught a train to Munich, Germany.  Our primary interest in visiting Munich actually comes from a 2,000 piece puzzle that we constructed over about four years.  The end result was of Neuschwanstein Castle, nestled in the Alps between Germany and Austria.  The nearest main Germany city was Munich, so we decided to make that our base and travel to Neuschwanstein on a day trip.

When we got off the train in Munich and checked into our hotel, I was uber-hangry.  We walked to a market called Victuals Market and I ordered a sausage sandwich from the first vendor I saw.  Not sure if it was the hunger talking, but it was one of the most delicious sausages I've ever tasted.  It was really juicy, super salty, and the crusty bread was perfect to sop up the sausage fat.  Still hungry, I zipped across the market to a stall where they made chopped roast pork sandwiches topped with a generous chunk of pork crackling.  Wow!  My brain was like, "no girl you are eating pure pork…