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Czech Out Praha

Have you ever heard the old quip that beer is cheaper than water in Prague?  Well, it's true.

We visited Eastern Europe last winter and I found Prague to be the most charming and lovely city of all.  Other than drinking inordinate amounts of cheap beer, I wasn't sure what to expect from Prague.  I learned so much, fell in love, and ate some incredible food along the way.
Prague at Christmastime is cold.  A lot of the food and customs are designed to keep you and your belly warm and full, so after this trip I definitely gained a few inches around the waistline.  So worth it though!  I really enjoyed experiencing the holiday culture of Eastern Europe.

The first morning in Prague, we came upon a Christmas market in Wenceslas Square.  Here, I laid eyes for the first time on trdelnik, a regional sweet snack.  All the surrounding countries have different recipes and appearances, but Czech trdelnik was my favorite.  A lot of the fun was watching the vendors make the trdelnik to orde…