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China, Part 1: Beijing

Ni hao, friends!  As usual, here we are back from a little hiatus.  Guess what food adventures Veritasty has been on this time?  We've been eating our way through China!  Here's the first in a series of blog posts about our half month trip from Beijing to Guangzhou to Jiangmen to Hong Kong and back. 

First, some background. I am an ABC: American born Chinese.  I visited China when I was two and four, so for all intents and purposes, this trip was my "first time" (I certainly don't remember anything from the other two times).  This was Alex's first trip to Asia entirely, so it was a nice major cultural journey for him.  We went with my mom, dad, and sister, which was a great bonding experience before my sister heads off to law school next month.  Our first leg was part of a tour group, and the rest of the time we were visiting my family, with a little side trip to Hong Kong.  We had a wonderful time, and when people ask what my favorite part was, my answer is…