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Nice To Meat You

After several trips to Paris over the years, I was eager to see more of France so one weekend in early December, we planned a very last-minute low-key trip to Nice.  It was so brief (arrived Saturday, departed Sunday) that I just brought my Jansport with one change of clothes (if at all).
When we first got to Nice from the airport, our destination became...Monaco.  The tiny principality of Monaco is just a handful of miles away from Nice, and even uses Nice's airport/helipad since it doesn't have its own.  High rollers of course go to Monaco by helicopter from the Nice Airport and head to the Monte Carlo casino, luxury shopping, and Formula One racing.  Alex and I went to Monaco on a public bus.
As cheap as that sounds, the bus ride was one of the most amazing experiences.  The water on the Riviera was a gorgeous cerulean blue and the mountainous land rises steeply up from the coast, where terra cotta-tiled houses are studded into the landscape.  If we had more than just a we…

The Best Sushi In New York Is...

I have a coworker who has, for the last two years, been telling me about this sushi spot with which he's absolutely obsessed.  I've heard its name uttered in many conversations with many different people.  It often starts with a bunch of people sitting in the kitchen at lunch and someone asks, "what's the best sushi in New York?"

I've been sworn to secrecy about this sushi spot.  But after my coworker brought me there last night, I can actually attest that it's probably the best sushi spot in New York.  Either that, or I have a lot of expensive omakases ahead of me.

It really helps that this restaurant is about three blocks from my apartment.  My coworker lives around the corner from me, which probably also explains why he frequents so frequently.  We decided on a whim to dine there last night, after listening to him brag about how many of his friends he's converted, how he knows the chefs and waiters and owners like best buddies.  A large part of me…

Eating So Güell In Barcelona!

Back in November, we had an upcoming long weekend and were debating where to go. Amsterdam?  Lisbon?  Edinburgh?  Athens? Flights to all these places were actually ridiculously expensive since we were booking so last-minute, so after much Expedia and Travelocity searching, we finally settled on Barcelona.  I hate to say "settled" but that's how I kind of felt returning to Spain after a mediocre trip to Madrid back in 2010...however I am absolutely eating my words now as we had some of the most amazing eating experiences in Barcelona.  If you have not eaten Catalonian cuisine, you are missing out on life.

After the flight and travel from the airport, we finally arrived in the center of Barcelona around 2pm.  Guess who was on the path to hangry?  Me!  One of the hardest things for me about traveling to an unfamiliar place is getting hangry and not knowing where to get food immediately.  Luckily, we had a list of recommendations from a Barcelona native and that turned out …