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L&B Spumoni Gardens

All my life, I've lived near L&B Spumoni Gardens, known as one of NYC's best pizzerias, but haven't ventured there until this weekend.  With sunshine and blue skies on the forecast, we planned a 35-minute walk down 86th Street in search of pizza, especially after seeing Time Out New York's Best Pizza list.
We got two square Sicilian slices at L&B.  You can also get round slices (which...I didn't immediately realize meant came from round pizza, rather than actual round...slices...of pizza :-P), but you really only go to L&B for the Sicilian pizza.  We sat in the little outside dining area under the beaming spring sun and chowed down on delicious pizza.  Normally, I'm not a fan of Sicilian pizza because I much prefer thinner and crunchy crusts, but even though L&B's had a thicker crust, it had an amazingly crisp bottom and a pillowy fluffy center. Mozzarella cheese sits directly on top of the crust, which is covered by a sweet-tangy tomato sau…

Eleven Madison Park

Oh, the long-awaited much-anticipated Eleven Madison Park lunch!  This was my first foray into the realm of Michelin restaurants and we aimed for the best.  I've been on a roller coaster of emotions for the past month about this lunch reservation: anxious, freaking out, even in tears because of the huge expense and fanciness I thought I couldn't handle; eager, positively giddy, and happy to have the opportunity.
Our meal left us euphoric.

Eleven Madison Park is housed in the Credit Suisse building. The lofty dining room is illuminated by daylight from the tall windows facing the park.  On the walls hang old photographs and art prints of New York City.  It was very classy decor that was warm and welcoming and woodsy, not overly sleek, minimalist, or clinical.  The ideological motif of the restaurant is to serve local, seasonal fare.  The literal motif of the restaurant is the stenciled drawing of four leaves, probably to represent the different seasons.  The menu and the whole…