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Tommaso's Restaurant

In our part of Bensonhurst, very little remains of the old days of the neighborhood.  There's Alex's dry cleaner that is closing down shop after fifty-two years in that same spot in the strip mall next to Food Dynasty.  There's Mona Lisa Bakery, but we don't talk about that anymore.  There are a few good no-frills-but-delicious-food Italian restaurants and bakeries on 18th Avenue: West End Bakery, Il Colosseo, and the like.  But right on the corner of Bay 8th Street and 86th Street is Tommaso's Restaurant, an unassuming but quaint storefront that's been there for as long as I can remember.  In twenty four years of residence in Bensonhurst, never have I stepped foot into Tommaso's until now, and boy was I missing out!
It was date night.  Where, oh where, can we grab a nice meal that's not Paco's Taco's or Outback Steakhouse?  We ventured past Tommaso's tiny outdoor patio and into a very homey, rustic-looking restaurant space.  Instantly I kn…

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria, Revisited

Today, I had a beautiful lunch at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria and it made me realize and appreciate how life-changing good Italian food can be.  
In pictures ripped from my Instagram:

We had a few cheeses to start, accompanied by my favorite truffle honey.  Gladly, no one else in my dining party was such a fan, so I hogged the whole dish and proceeded to drizzle it on absolutely everything!  I had a delicious arugula prosciutto pizza, which oddly means I had pizza a grand total of four times this week (and lasagna twice more...YOLO).  In hindsight, I'm in awe of the fact that I had Italian food so frequently this week by some random coincidences, but it's all been delizioso.
Posts from our other Italian eating adventures to come!