Copenhagen Street Dog Launch Party

When I think of summer, I think of BBQ. When I think of BBQ, I think of hamburgers and hot dogs. As a Jewish kid growing up in suburbia - we stuck with the classic - Hebrew National Hot Dogs. However, pretty soon, I grew tired of the same - albeit - delicious taste. As an NYU student and son of Brooklynites, we'd go down to Nathans for "the" hot dog. However, that too grew old. I needed flavor.

About 5 years ago, we took a family trip to Iceland which I discovered was known for a few things: expensive food, beautiful landscapes, and hot dogs. This trip opened my mind to what a hot dog could taste like and when we left, I craved that flavor. Last year - I found it again. Almost a year ago, we attended Pig Island where we first tasted Revolving Dansk's Street Dog. It had everything a good hot dog should have - snap (of the pickles), crackle (of the onions), and pop (of the hot dog casing). A few weeks ago, we heard about the Launch Party and knew we needed to get our fix.

We arrived at The Delancey - a bar in the Lower East Side at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge armed with our craving and got on line to get in. Unfortunately, it felt in the 90s that day and crowds did not help. The event was on the roof (2nd floor) with buildings on either side and large plants spread throughout which did help to abate the heat.

Team Members or Hot Dog Artists passed out the Street Dogs and within about ten seconds of them coming off the line, they were snatched up into awaiting mouths. Unfortunately, this made the waiting time quite long for a three bite hot dog. The hectic attitude added to the idea that the Street Dog isn't just a delicious hot dog- it is a welcome addition to the popular and growing food culture of NYC. Thankfully, there was a reprieve of beer and other alcohol from the bar to tide people over in the meanwhile.

The Street Dogs were as delicious as we remembered with a perfect combination of ingredients without one overwhelming another. The Launch Party represents Revolving Dansk's official foray into the NYC scene with the addition of the Street Dog to Jimmy's No 43 menu. We will be attending Cook Out NYC this upcoming weekend and Pig Island 2015 in September which - thankfully - allows us to have these delicious treats soon enough.