Possibly one of my favorite THINGS this summer was going to Smorgasburg.  Granted, I had a kind of bad summer, but nonetheless Smorgasburg was all types of amazing for all the senses and if I could get to Williamsburg every Saturday for the rest of my life, I would.

When we first arrived, it was overwhelming to see so many booths selling so much different stuff.  And that's just what it was, indescribable, uncategorizable, STUFF!  Korean BBQ, pickles, beef jerky, anchovies, herbal tea, cupcakes, lobstah rolls, oh the list goes on....  I'm a real big fan of markets, though not a fan of map-less territories.  So, note to my fellow OCD market-goers, Smorgasburg can get messy and confusing.

But, messily and confusingly delicious as well!  We split hotdogs from Asiadog and pulled pork tacos from another booth.  The pulled pork tacos were strangely watery and dissolved my tortillas, which was supremely disappointing.  The hotdogs, however, were delicious!!!  Not only were they beautiful (see photo, obvs), but they were delicious.  One was a dog topped with bright purple cabbage slaw and some barbecued pork, and the other was topped with pork belly and scallions.  Admittedly, the pork belly hot dog was tastier, because it was densely meaty and salty and fatty and saucy.  The cabbage slaw dog was more mild and less flavorful.  I'm still really happy we had Asiadog though.  Plus, who knew hotdogs could be so photogenic?!

The other thing we ate at Smorgasburg was...frozen chocolate bananas.  Oh boy, those were really funny to eat.  They also happened to be like heaven on a stick.  Frozen bananas, dipped in a chocolate shell and sprinkled with toppings.  So simple, so good.