Macaroni Macaroni

No, I don't have a stutter!

Brown and Yellow, Brown and Yellow
Our friends have been raving about this little hole-in-the-wall places in The Village, so in between classes we went for some macaroni & cheese.  The menu was pretty simple and straightforward, not as haute cuisine as MacBar, and not as rich as S'Mac.  I opted for the small marinara and Alex got the small spinach artichoke.  The containers were a decent size for a meal, not overly filling but just shy of being fully satisfying, I think.

Our mac & cheeses arrived with a crumbly, crunchy crust on top.  Once I dug my fork past its golden-brown crunchiness, it gave way to a concoction of mac & cheese that was thinner than some other places.  I prefer my mac to be a little more liquid-y, but Alex likes mac a bit drier.  Macaroni Macaroni's macaroni & cheese was right up my alley!

See Mom, I'm eating my vegetables!
The mac & cheese remained piping hot while I was eating it.  I think the crust really made it.  The marinara flavor had some chopped tomatoes in it, and the spinach artichoke was very spinach-y, with lots of leafy greens throughout.

After we finished eating, we noticed that a "large" size at Macaroni Macaroni is...enormous.  Overall, it was tasty and a good value, and if you have a few friends with a craving for mac & cheese, get the big one and share!  Sharing = caring.

Macaroni Macaroni
120 Macdougal Street