Sausage, Inc.

I'm a card carrying sausage lover
What's better for dinner than a nice, hot, plump sausage?

We went to this place called Sausage Inc. between classes and I found it to be a really, really, really good dinner.  In fact, I'm craving some more at this point. The perky cashier girl explained the different flavors of sausage: pork mixed with basil, chunky pork with chipotle, pork and bacon, turkey and cranberries and stuffing...mmm.  All the sausages are served in a pretzel roll, which I didn't really understand until we got our food.

Peek - a - boo
My "chipolata" sausage (pork and chipotle) and Alex's "farmer" sausage (beef and bacon) came in a crusty, crunchy roll - the pretzel roll!  The outside looked like the dark brown exterior of a New Yawk street vendor hot pretzel, but the inside was thinner and less chewy.  The sausages were topped with a little dollop of onions.

The sausages were reeeeeally good.  Although the farmer sausage sounds like it'd be more flavorful, particularly with the bacon, the chipolata was probably a little more well-rounded in flavor.  These sausages were more like the sweet Italian sausages you find at San Gennaro sausage-pepper-onion booths, contrasted with the hot-dog-like sausages from Currywurst.  The onion didn't add that much flavor, but it was a nice touch.

I swear, it is THIS big
Now, the real kicker to Sausage, Inc. has to do with their sauce toppings.  They have big squeeze bottles of a bunch of different sauces: sweet chili butter, rosemary garlic aioli, smoky BBQ, cilantro pesto, horseradish cream, and chipotle mayo.  I enjoyed all the sauces; they added an extra burst of flavor on top of the already-delicious sausage.  Our hands-down favorite was the sweet chili.  It's one of those things that everyone ought to try.  Seriously, that good.  It wasn't super spicy, rather mild and sweet.  I also really liked the rosemary garlic aioli as a creamy, herbaceous contrast to the hot, meaty sausage.

I need to pause now to wipe the drool dripping from the corner of my lip.  I'm so hungry now.  Mmmmmmm, sausage.

Sausage, Inc.
106 University Place