Bosie Tea Parlor

Bosie Tea Parlor macarons
What a crazy random happenstance that the day we decide to get macarons at Bosie Tea Parlor, Groupon has a Groupon Now deal for macarons at Bosie Tea Parlor.

Alex and I went with a friend, another macaron connoisseur, perhaps even more than the two of us.  I've heard great things about Bosie Tea Parlor's macarons, and it's really close to campus so why not have a lovely foodventure after class one day!

The tea parlor is a darkly-lit, cozy little restaurant.  Shiny bronze tea canisters line one entire wall, and a lit glass case beckons entrants from directly across the door.  It took me a while to decide which to get, and I really wish I had money in my budget to buy macarons all day, errday.

Darjeeling Macaron!
I settled on: maple bacon, raspberry, pistachio, jasmine, chai, and passionfruit.  They came in a cute bulbous fold-up box and I was so eager to get home, pop it open, and indulge in macaron heaven.

Maple bacon
The first one I went for was maple bacon.  The cookie had an interesting ying-yang pattern of pink and white on one side and brown on the other.  It actually smelled like bacon, or rather...lapsong souchong tea.  I've never tasted lapsong souchong, but it smells smoky, like beef jerky.  The macaron itself was really creamy, sort of unexpected, but not unpleasant.  It had a good texture and was sweet with a light touch of bacon.  I'm never really a fan of odd-bacon-flavored things, but this one was not bad.

Then, I had the raspberry: this one was kind of disappointing...the macaron tasted more like chocolate (probably the ganache filling) than raspberry at all, and the texture was slightly chewy.

I was going for color variety, so I went for pistachio next. One bite and I was a little nervous: the inside was neon green and scary.  It tasted pretty good and authentically pistachio, but I was wary of pistachio macarons ever since I read an article that said lots of macaron makers use almond powder to replace more expensive pistachios.  When I thought of that, I thought I tasted a weird aftertaste that was definitely not pistachio.

Then, I had the passionfruit.  The macaron was bright yellow and flecked with brown powder, as I've seen many passionfruit macarons decorated.  This is sort of weird because I've seen actual passionfruit and they don't even resemble the macarons at all; weird.  

I'm partial to passionfruit, it's nice and tangy.  Bosie Tea Parlor's was pretty good.

My last two were tea flavors, jasmine and chai.  The jasmine had a really good flavor, with a nutty aftertaste.  The shell was really crumbly but had overall decent texture.  It was fresh, light, and yummy.

Cha cha chai
Finally, tai, chai tea!  It smelled very cinnamony and had lots of spices flecked on the surface.  It resembled a good chai flavor, but I would have liked something a lot stronger. Just like my cups of tea!

Bosie Tea Parlor
10 Morton Street