Pommes Frites

You'll never be board here...
In my freshman year at NYU (almost a whole four years ago...time's flying!), there was a street fair where local vendors came to hawk their goods.  Here, I heard Pommes Frites was practically an NYU institution, and there was a table where they were giving away their goodies.  I don't remember it being remarkable at all, but now, four years later, when we passed by their store on the Lower East Side, we thought it warranted a second chance.  I was thoroughly pleased!  And, really, why would you not be pleased...?

Pommes Frites sells not French fries but Belgian fries.  I'm not really sure if there really is a difference, but let's say Belgian fries are almost like potato wedges: thick-cut and chunky.  These fat sticks of golden-brown oily goodness are piled into conical paper holders and you get a little container of sauce on the side.  There are many sauce options available, and surprisingly, most are Asian-influenced (chutney and teriyaki and satay, oh my!).  These cost a little extra, so we opted for the free sauces: Frites sauce and the Especial.  Frites sauce turned out to be "traditional European mayo" and the Especial was a mixture of ketchup, mayo, and chopped raw onion on top.

Like the average red-blooded American young person, I love fried junky food.  Like, loooove.  The frites were very hot, but actually tasted really good in the sauces.  It wasn't the typical French-fries-and-ketchup thing that we are so used to. Actually, I personally like dipping my fries into anything saucy: ketchup, mayo, barbecue sauce, honey mustard....  Also, the combination of ketchup and mayo isn't new to me: I put both on my sandwiches all the time!

Deep fried heaven
I have to admit though...the onions are a really nice touch!  I love onions.  And, though I'm sure my interlocutors don't, I love raw onions.  It gives such a nice spicy kick!  Frites in the mayo sauce were good, but the Especial sauce elevated them to something that wasn't just run-of-the-mill fries!

Pommes Frites is definitely an occasional indulgence. Please don't eat it too often.  When you do try them sparingly, your stomach will thank you, and when you don't get atherosclerosis, your arterial walls will thank you too!

Pommes Frites
123 2nd Avenue