Big Gay Ice Cream

Yep, that's a unicorn
For everyone who's been living under a rock for the past year or so...

There's this ice-cream-truck-turned-store called Big Gay Ice Cream near Alphabet City.  And their ice cream is to-die-for.  And their shop is really cute!  If you're into eclectic unicorn murals and rainbow colors.  But word of warning: the fact that their store is right next to Butter Lane Cupcakes spells trouble (i.e. sugar overload) for the wandering foodie.

The first time we came here was to use up a Groupon deal.  It was a horrendously rainy fall day last year and I was kind of annoyed at having to trek all the way over a bunch of avenues to get to the shop.  And then, when we arrived, the guy said the air conditioner was broken so it might mess with the quality or solidity (is that a word?) of the ice cream.  No matter, ice cream is ice cream and I've been known to straight up drink the bottom of a bowl of of ice-cream-melt.  That time, we got a Salty Pimp and something that I forgot the name of, but it was probably really lascivious.  Yeeeeah.

So much creeeeeaaaammmm

The Salty Pimp is vanilla ice cream drizzled with dulce de leche (caramel), dipped in chocolate and dusted with sea salt.  I was dismayed that on that day my chocolate shell was defunct and my Salty Pimp was served to me in a sad plastic tray, cone down.  Fortunately, it was delicious, any way you serve it up.

Alex's ice cream selection was even more delicious!  It had bits of pretzel globs in a chocolate sauce, so every bite of creamy vanilla was accompanied by the satisfying salty crunch of a pretzel.  We finished our ice cream, licked our sweet and sticky fingers, and promised to come back again.

And so we did!  This time, we shared a Monday Sundae (I only got the pun right now when I accidentally typo-ed "Sunday"; herp derp). The squat waffle cone was lined with Nutella on the inside, and filled with whipped cream, chocolate and vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche, and sprinkled sparingly with salt.  I loved it (obviously) but I think the best part was the Nutella waffle cone.  Who doesn't like a good waffle cone...and above all, who wouldn't like a waffle cone spread with a layer of Nutella?!

Now, shout-out to the guy at the store that day, with whom we discussed our food blog.  I hope this is encouragement to start one of your own!