On Barbecues

It's the unofficial start of summer 2012!

At my family BBQ, I had some coconut rum and a few Diet Cokes...so I made my own version of the Cuba Libre (typically rum, Coca Cola, and lime).  Let me tell you, it was deeeelicious.  It was so good that my face is perpetually Asian-flushed.

My family's BBQs are unique: we do some Chinese food and some typical barbecue, but it's always a lot of fun.  My dad got crispy pig and roast duck and cocktail shrimp; we had a lot of veggies; my aunt cooked some rice noodles and potato salad; and we grilled kebabs, garlic chicken wings, hot dogs, fish balls, shrimp, and corn.

Sometime this summer, I would very much like to recreate the barbecue chicken from Jimmy's No. 43 and/or my coworker's husband's amazing barbecue ribs. Any suggestions, you guys?