Artichoke Bastille's Pizzeria

At long last, I can check one thing off my food spreadsheet: artichoke pizza from Artichoke Bastille's Pizzeria.

We went to the one on 14th Street that apparently has a new tiny dining room.  We ordered a large pie to split between three people (hi NSM!)...which was maybe a mistake because after 2 slices each, we were already in food-pregnancy states, and there were still 2 slices to go.  Leftovers!

The artichoke pie was beautiful.  It was enormous and thick, unlike the usual New York pizza (you know what I'm talking about, the thin crunchy crust that barely holds up when you lift the slice).  The pie was covered in this cream sauce, dotted with wilted spinach and chopped artichoke hearts.

First, I dug into the crust.  This is how I eat pizza, end of story.  The crust tore off easily, and was flaky rather than dough-y!  Such an interesting texture.  The pizza was piping hot and retained that heat while we ate.  Once I bit into the actual slice (from the outside in), it was like a revelation in my mouth.  The sauce was ridiculously creamy and flavorful. It actually tasted like a very hot version of spinach dip plus loads of cheese.  The crust of the slice itself was less flaky and more dough-y now.  Deeeeeelish!

And then you finish the first slice, and you are pretty much full but there's a bunch more slices that you need to eat!  I was getting a tad bit too full somewhere towards the end of the second slice, and I gotta admit it's really overwhelming after a while.  While delicious, the pizza does have diminishing returns.

Next time, I would like to try the crab pizza!!  I'm drooling afresh now...