Brooklyn Farmacy

Today, I fell in love.

Mind you, not with a person (not today, at least), but rather with a place we encountered on a foodventure.

In exploring the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn, we happened upon the Brooklyn Farmacy.  When I stepped inside the front doors, I felt like I literally stepped inside a time machine and emerged in the 1920s.

The Brooklyn Farmacy is a soda fountain shop that is housed in a restored apothecary/pharmacy from the good ol' days.  We were greeted by red-lipped, bob-coiffed waitresses behind the long bar.  The low bar was lined with fat brown-cushioned barstools.  The opposite wall was stacked with what looked like products from that era, but in reality were local Brooklyn-made products in cute, antique-style jars.  We spotted some familiar products like Rick's Picks (pickled veggies), McLure's potato chips, and Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup. Behind the main dining area, there was a more private table surrounded by actual shelves of century-old jars and bottles with peeling labels.  Groovy!

Behind the bar were all the fancy gadgets that make traditional soda fountain fare like egg creams, ice cream floats, ice cream sundaes, and baked goods.  I had the coffee egg cream (a little deviation from the traditional chocolate or vanilla, but I was in the mood for caffeine).  An egg cream has syrup with milk and soda water.  You put these ingredients in a tall glass and whip it up with a long metal spoon for a resulting thick creamy foam on top.  Egg creams sound like a misnomer (no egg and no cream), but it's pretty heavenly, especially for dessert on a summer evening: just sweet enough and just fizzy enough.

I think the Brooklyn Farmacy is an amazing place.  The ambiance is strong and defiant and in-your-face and unapologetic, and I find it beautiful.