Molly's Cupcakes

Even though we both graduated from NYU this spring, we find ourselves still enchanted by the Greenwich Village neighborhood and we visited a bakery called Molly's Cupcakes recently.  Molly's Cupcakes is supremely cute, decorated with swing-like seats and light wooden furniture.  Their glass counters contained many large cupcakes labeled with adorable cartoon signs.  My mouth was drooling reading one after another sign.

We selected four of the most delectable-looking cupcakes: creme brulee, peach cobbler, Cookie Monster, and rocky road.


The creme brulee was topped with glistening berries and a caramel crust and stuffed with a vanilla custard.  It was definitely reminiscent of a creme brulee!  It was not too sweet, yet retained the classy, classic flavors of creme brulee.  I was especially impressed with the thoughtful touch of vanilla custard inside.


Peach cobbler was also delicious.  The tanginess of fruit was a welcome foil to the otherwise cloying cupcakes.  This cupcake also recalled its namesake well, almost like a peach pie, which is always welcome.

Unfortunately, the Cookie Monster (cookies & cream) and rocky road were less notable.  They tasted just like a vanilla and chocolate cupcake, respectively.  The rocky road was extremely sweet and fudgy, which is not always a bad thing, but was a bit overkill after having so many sweets!

Nevertheless, Molly's Cupcakes is a beautiful place and their cupcakes are certainly works of art.