Paco's Tacos

When we last left off, my group of dinnermates was left on 86th Street in Brooklyn, hungry and cold and angry at Mona Lisa Bakery.  So we went across the street to our tried-and-true Paco's Tacos.  Before you yell out hysterically that Paco's Tacos can't possibly be authentic Mexican food and whatnot, relax: I agree.  Paco's Tacos is sort of like Chipotle with a few extra entree options and a full bar.  Since they opened in the fall, I've been there a bunch of times and Paco has not disappointed me like La Jaconde has.

We were seated immediately - complete with water in cute Mason jars and unlimited tortilla chips and salsa - when we arrived at Paco's.  I had my Usual (yeah, I'm sort of shocked at myself that I have a Usual at a taco place): BBQ chicken burrito with everything inside.  What you get is a very fat burrito with shredded chicken in a sweet barbecue sauce and the "everything inside" refers to tomato, lettuce, raw onion, and sour cream that they otherwise put on the plate.  While this makes no sense to me, some people apparently like to eat their burritos with fork and knife so it doesn't really matter (I'm talking about you, Harry!).  I like to cut my burrito in half (hold it tightly so the insides don't spill out!) and then drizzle the garlic chili sauce inside.  Usually one half of the burrito is sufficient for dinner and I've found myself having half a BBQ chicken burrito for breakfast the next day.

Paco's Tacos was our savior after the Mona Lisa debacle.  I mean, after the horrid service at Mona Lisa Bakery, we got a ton of chips and salsa at Paco's and all the food we ordered. While attentive service should at least be the norm at a restaurant, we became enamored of Paco nonetheless. Paco's Tacos is sometimes the punchline to my jokes (e.g. "Hey, what are you having for dinner?  Paco's?  Will they deliver the block and a half to your apartment?  Does the waitress have your number on speed dial already?"), but let's face it.  They have good food and friendly staff and I know for a fact that I will be spending many more meals at Paco's Tacos.