Brooklyn Bowl

Don't ever invite me to go bowling with you.  You can, however, invite me to go have dinner at a bowling alley.  All the way up in Williamsburg, there is a bowling alley and sometimes-concert hall called Brooklyn Bowl.  They are famous for delectable soul food, and writing about it really makes my soul yearn for more.  During our visit, we ordered pork rinds and a mixed platter of fried chicken.

The pork rinds were unlike anything I'd ever had before: what look like those pork rinds that come out of a bag, but heaped with crumbled feta and scallion and red onion and lime and cilantro.  The rinds were warm and airy and nice and crunchy. It's kind of hard to describe the taste and texture of pork rinds, but I would liken them to those styrofoam-y shrimp chips you get in Chinese restaurants (I don't mean styrofoam to be an insult here; I love those things).  The toppings made the pork rinds pretty fantastic - salty, greasy, and crunchy like all my favorite snacks.

Incidentally, I wasn't won over by the fried chicken wings.  There was a ton of spices in the breading, but I found my chicken to be quite dry on the inside.  That's literally all I have to say about their fried chicken.  But regardless, I really did like dining at Brooklyn Bowl and I look forward to trying other items on their menu.