Back when I had an epic foodventure at Fatty 'Cue, we were having a hard time deciding between that and another unlimited-drinks brunch place, Kittichai.  The two establishments are as opposite on the spectrum as they can be in terms of decor and style, but actually share some commonalities.  Both draw on Asian influences.  Fatty 'Cue mixes in some fish sauce and cilantro and that sort of thing into the otherwise all-American barbecue.  Kittichai turns all-American brunch specialties into Asian-American brunch specialties (often, it just requires a little curry to spice things up).

Kittichai is down in swanky Soho amidst the hotels and boutiques.  The decor is pretty sexy: the vestibule is decked out with brightly-lit colorful orchids in glass jars, and the dining room is very dark, illuminated by spare lights overhead and behind the booths.  The middle of the dining room has a giant reflecting pool and a big Buddha sitting on it.

I had an omelette with a variety of fillings (mushroom, tomato, ham) with sides of roasted bell peppers and curried potatoes.  The omelette itself was kind of a suspiciously homogenous yellow color and smooth, thin texture (possibly not from real eggs?) but the filling was very tasty.  Give me a little mushroom in anything and I'm a happy camper.  The curried potatoes were also very good: they were the consistency of a chunky mashed potato with curry spices in a ring mold...excellent on toast corners.

Finally, possibly the best part of brunch (besides the company: hello Jess, Jessie, and Ivy!) was the booze.  Instead of the usual bellinis and mimosas, Kittichai offered a lychee bellini and a blood orange mimosa!  There was also a very spicy bloody mary.  The waiters kept the booze flowing liberally so it was definitely a good time.