What better things are there in the world than some wine, bread, meat, and cheese?  Most fondue experiences incorporate these guilty pleasures, as was the case at Winegasm in Astoria, Queens.  Winegasm is a tapas/fondue place that offered a Groupon (yay) so we headed out there for our fill of melted stuff and dip-able stuff and booze.

The ambiance was kind of nice at first: very rustic bar scene with a few tables.  Nice and romantic when they put on the mood lighting, but once the live music started up, it got a little too loud and a little too country for my taste.

The Groupon deal included a glass of wine with your meal and a glass of wine with dessert, so I had a Riesling and prosecco.  Winegasm prides itself on serving local, organic, and sustainable wines.  The Riesling was surprisingly good: sweet, with a smooth finish.  The prosecco was tasty, too, except it smelled a little like generic bathroom hand soap.  We had a cheese fondue with bread, apples, prosciutto, bresola, speck, coppa, and soppressata.  For dessert, we had a chocolate fondue with strawberries, banana, marshmallow, and pound cake.

Dinner was decent, but not amazing.  I mean, it's probably hard to go wrong with putting melted cheese /chocolate in a bowl and cutting up the dip-ables.  I did have a very strange experience afterwards though...I suppose my alcohol tolerance was surpassed and all that heavy cheese and chocolate was not agreeing with me.  On the excessively long train ride home, I nearly puked!  Not to say there was anything wrong with the food, per se, but I know I won't be eating so much, drinking so much, and then hopping on a New York City subway any time soon.


  1. Yikes! Thank you for being the guinea pig for the rest of us!


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