Flatiron Hall

I love the idea of a beer hall...in theory.  Mostly because I don't love beer (though I'm working on changing that!).  But, I do love the culture of a beer hall and I definitely do love beer food.  So when I got some local NYC news email about this new Flatiron Hall in the city with a bazillion different beers AND a fantastic food menu?  Count me in!

Actually, honestly: what hooked me was the fact that this email ingeniously name-dropped Flatiron Hall's chicken tikka masala wonton.  (Pause for effect)

My love affair with chicken tikka masala began in London and persists.  The chicken tikka masala wontons, I have to admit, are a little bit of a misnomer.  The image that I conjure is of a thick curried chicken in a fried wonton, but the chicken tikka masala wontons are more like spiced shredded chicken in a fried wonton.  Which isn't to say they aren't good...in fact, they were super good!  I especially loved the mint yogurt sauce that came on the side.  The wonton wrapped was fried to a gorgeous golden brown crackly bubbly crunch that softened just a tad when dipped in the sauce.

I had a hard cider to go with my wontons and my main course of the turkey burger.  I don't know what possessed me to order a turkey burger and I was doubting my choice...until I took a bite of said burger.  It was fantastic!  I've never had such a juicy and flavorful burger, much less one made of turkey!  It nearly fell apart in the bun, that's how juicy it was.  The turkey meat tasted almost sweet, if that's possible, but was balanced with a smoky spicy chipotle barbecue sauce.  I gobbled down this burger happily, and came out the other side with a whole new worldview.