Dinosaur BBQ

Earlier this year, we saw the brilliant guys at Dinosaur BBQ literally hand-smushing big hunks of pig meat into pulled pork perfection at the event Tasting Brooklyn.  Just a block down from the Green House where the event took place, Dinosaur BBQ actually has their brick-and-mortar restaurant.  We journeyed there one afternoon after a very nice stroll through Prospect Park and Park Slope to the Gowanus neighborhood.  The very nice stroll turned into "God, I'm starving" so we ran inside Dinosaur BBQ, pleased that there was no wait, and were seated in the Crazy Cowboy-styled establishment.

First, we gulped down a bit of beer to quench our thirst.  There was a flight of beers for just $7, and of the ones we tried, my favorite was the Left Hand Milk Stout.  I'm usually not a big fan of such dark beers, but perhaps my palette is changing.  The milk stout was very creamy and had a sweet chocolate-y aftertaste, not as bitter as it looked.  The beers were the perfect accompaniment to the fast-arriving dish of nachos, which we also gulped down to start satisfying our hunger.

The main event was the combo platter of pulled pork, brisket, ribs, mac & cheese, baked beans, and a square of cornbread.  Ohhhhhhhh...sweet heavenly barbecue.  The pulled pork was just as juicy and tender as I remembered. The brisket was a little on the fatty side, which made it less dry than other brisket I've had at other barbecue places. Finally, the ribs were just literally falling off the bone and super succulent.  Some days - very rarely, obviously - I wish my belly were infinitely big so I could just keep eating...and eating...and eating...Dinosaur BBQ.