Sir Kensington's Fries of New York

I've never appreciated - and I mean deeply appreciated - a good french fry until now.  Thank you, Sir Kensington, for reaffirming my love of fries.

This weekend, we checked out the Fries of New York exhibit.  A small gallery space was decked out with glass domes, like a Victorian museum exhibit. Each dome housed a metal prong that propped up a luscious lacquered french fry from the 80 or so restaurants featured.

In terms of shape, many were a simple classic cut fry of varying length and width.  Then, there were some chunkier steak fries, like the ones from Katz's Delicatessen.  One beautiful specimen was an entire potato, cut into a spiral, from Twist & Smash'd in Astoria.  A few were made from different starches like sweet potato and yam.  Many were covered in different seasonings like sea salt, rosemary, parmesan, and truffle.

I would have suffered a lot of tummy growling had there not been Home Frites fries with Sir Kensington ketchup and mayonnaise and Brooklyn Brewery IPA and lagers.  We've had Home Frites at Smorgasburg with herb-ocado and curry ketchup.  The line of people waiting for Home Frites there was comparable to that for Ramen Burger, and the smell of crispy fries and flavorful sauces was mouthwatering.  Shout-out to Home Frites for serving up non-lacquered fries to satisfy my cravings, and kudos to Sir Kensington for this creative exhibit.  What shall we do next, Breads of New York? Pizza of New York?  I'd be down.