The Big Cheesy

Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich?  Two slices of Wonder Bread with a Kraft Singles melted in the middle...mmm, talk about #throwbacktuesday!  Of course nowadays, you can get much more creative with grilled cheese sandwiches, as we've seen at outdoor BBQs, The Melt Shop, and even Beauty & Essex.  

The pinnacle of delectable grilled cheese sandwiches is The Big Cheesy, a friendly neighborhood grilled cheese competition happening this weekend.  The contenders include Songs of Essex, Hudson Common, Eggs Travaganza, Twist and Smash'd, Mrs. Dorsey's Kitch, and Fame by Alex Mitow.  Undoubtedly, we're going to be seeing some unique and mouth-watering combinations of bread + cheese + miscellany + beer.  Yes, importantly, beer by Goose Island will be flowing too.

Here are the deets!

Who: you and me
Where: Openhouse Gallery, 201 Mulberry Street
When: Saturday, January 24 and Sunday, January 25 from 12:00pm-7:00pm both days
Why: because you know you love grilled cheese.  Also, because you know you love donating to charity, since a portion of the $30 ticket goes to Food Bank for NYC.

In the wise words of Pitbull, "One, two, three, four / Uno, dos, tres, cuatro / I know you want me / You know I want cha / I know you want me / You know I want cha"