Le Relais de Venise: L'Entrecote

Are you recovering from a very indulgent Valentine's Day/President's Day Weekend?  I sure am.

This weekend, we tried out a restaurant right under Alex's office building called Le Relais de Venise: L'Entrecote.  I've always walked by, seeing a chic French bistro and thinking it'd be completely over our budget.  I was quite wrong!

This restaurant's schtick is that they serve only one thing: steak frites.  You get a salad, sliced steak, and french fries for a fixed price of $28.75.  The salad of mixed greens and walnuts has a quirky, unusual, and very delicious mustard dressing.  For the main course, you can choose your steak blue, rare, medium, or well-done.  The first serving comes with a heaping pile of shoestring fries and the steak covered in a secret sauce.  Once you finish your plate, they bring you a second serving of both.  

Funnily enough, the reason this blog post has no photos is that...the steak sauce is extremely not pretty.  I could compare it to...various horrid things, but I'll refrain.  Looks like hell, TASTES LIKE HEAVEN!  The steak slices were well-cooked and tender.  The fries were crisp.  Basically, all my favorite things.  It was indeed a very happy Valentine's Day!