Kettle Black

Does anyone else out there get cravings for chicken wings?  I haven't met a chicken wing I didn't like.  I have a vivid memory of my best friend Jackie's birthday party back in middle school when her dad made a giant platter of homemade fried chicken wings and I devoured my weight in poultry that day.  My dad used to work in a restaurant in Chinatown that was famous for their chicken wings, which tasted like they were basted in just a hint of soy sauce: the flavor is obviously not unique since I've had lots of Korean fried chicken with soy/garlic sauce, but this chicken from long ago was more subtle.  I haven't tasted anything like it ever since it shuttered more than 10 years ago.

One of the best places to have wings in Brooklyn is Kettle Black, a pub/sports bar in Bay Ridge.  We checked it out one hot summer day for a giant platter of chicken wings.  We shared an order of buffalo wings and an order of garlic Parmesan wings.  I wasn't quite expecting the garlic Parmesan chicken wings to look as if they had sat outside in a snowstorm!  They were a little bit dry from lack of a sauce, but still finger-licking good.  I mean, how could they not be?  Fried chicken + garlic + salty cheese = heaven.