Mussels & More

When we recently went to a Bay Ridge restaurant called Mussels & More, you may be surprised to hear we opted for no mussels, just whatever "more" entails.  We find ourselves walking around this stretch of Bay Ridge a lot - between 5th and 3rd Avenues and from 86th Street to however far north our legs take us - and have seen Mussels & More frequently, but never thought to try it until now.  Big mistake, because the food turns out to be pretty spectacular!

We shared an order of fried calamari and fish & chips, with sweet potato fries instead of regular chips.  The food came out quickly and was really fresh and tasty.  First, our compliments to the chef for frying up some of the best calamari we've ever had: light, flavorful batter with squid rings fried to perfection.  I've had lots of good calamari from a variety of places, but I think the ones at Mussels & More will be most memorable, honestly, because it was unexpected.  The fish & chips was also good; though I thought the fish had a strange aftertaste, the sweet potato fries were dusted with cinnamon sugar, which imparted a uniquely sweet-savory taste to the dish.

On our future walk-bys of Bay Ridge, we'll definitely return for the calamari.  (One kind of funny lesson I learned, however, is that three deep fried foods for lunch will definitely wreck the soft tissue in your mouth...)