Preview: Edible Manhattan's Good Beer

Nothing says "summer" like a nice cold beer and something yummy to eat with it.  I'll admit: I used to not be a fan of beer, but my palette has since changed in favor of a good brew every once in a while.  We may not be beer connoisseurs, but we've done a couple of of homemade and professional beer tastings, enough for me to start to really appreciate a good beer.

And that's precisely what's on the menu for this Edible Manhattan event this week, Good Beer.  It will be a smorgasbord of all different beers paired with delicious and diverse foods from New York restaurants.   Just a preview of what's to come: fan-favorites from Brooklyn Brewery, Veritasty's favorite Crabbie's Ginger Beer, a selection of exciting ciders, and definitely some tasty beers that await discovery!  To punctuate every sip, we'll also have kati rolls from The Kati Roll Company, tangy and terrific sweets from Steve's Key Lime Pies, and always-delicious bites that are turned out from Jimmy's No. 43's kitchen.  Can't wait to taste some good beer and great food!

Who: you and me
What: Good Beer, hosted by Edible Manhattan
Where: Hudson Mercantile (500 West 36th Street)
When: Thursday, July 30, 6pm - 9pm
Why: because beer and food


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